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# Tuesday, 11 November 2014
( VPN )

I keep my VPN alive from my desktop PC at work, so can dial in from home/other offices.  Sometimes the VPN drops (for whatever reason)

Setup a task in Task Scheduler:


When a VPN disconnect is detected, wait for a minute, then run.  Keep running every 30minutes for a day.

and the batch file that is run is:

rasdial “nameofVPN” username password

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# Thursday, 05 June 2014
( VPN | Windows 8 )
  • Get Win8.1 running with a normal user
  • Run windows updates
  • Add in VPN and be careful to make sure to share it
  • Connect VPN
  • Add computer to domain – NetworkID below


    • domain name
    • add domain user to machine
  • reboot and look for the crazy icon shown below

Trick to getting the icon up (which allows access to a shared VPN)


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