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# Tuesday, 02 September 2014
  • Emphasise, not summaraise
  • Concepts and syntax belong in demos
  • Bullet points put people to sleep!

People want to see live coding in action

Rob records all live coding for each video – 20 to 30 videos!

Presenter notes – cues

Who I am

What this is about

why should they care

Colours and Fonts – Title: ChunkFive  Body: Helvetica Neuve

20mins through – Rob Creates a slide deck

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# Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Punch Line

  • Understand audience
  • Create a good story
  • Prepare, Rehearse
  • Execute

Why Give a Talk

What makes me Excited!

- great software design

- DI

Do not need to be an expert.. just need to know a bit!

Mould the story – Work It!

Title and Abstract

Exciting… “Running Ruby and Discourse in the Cloud!!”

Abstract.. Running Ruby and Discourse in Azure is insane! Why are they there… what are they going to take away?

Choosing a Title, Prepare Your Abstract

Who is the audience?

Get ideas down on paper

Ask your friends

Let ideas flow!


A little humour goes a long way

Abstracts That Need Help

  • Never assume people know what you’re talking about
  • Tell people the problems you’ll solve
  • Tell people who are are and why you’re there
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