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# Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A Big thanks to everyone who came to my presentation tonight on nUnit:

In his mission to become a great developer, Dave will entertain you with 'How nUnit Inspired an Awesome Rock Song'.  Dave will demonstrate the time and heartache savings (which allowed time and energy to do the music).

Tools and technoloiges (ab)used in this talk will be:  C#3.5SP1, VS2008 Express, PHP, JSON, MySQL, and nUnit.  I'll demo the Awesome Rock Song too!

If you've heard of unit testing, this presentation is for you.  Bring your laptop and take away your first working unit test project.  Your future development projects will get easier with testing.

Lake Tekapo, NZ

Here is the powerpoint presentation: (1.1 MB)

Here is all the source code (compiled and run on VS2008Express using .NET3.5SP1).  Nunit 2.4.8 installed.: (606.4 KB)

We discussed favourite tools and keyboard shortcuts, in relation to being a Tenfer (programmer that is 10 times as productive as others): - Visual studio tips and tricks - quick launcher
CLCL - - Clipboard multi

Visual Studio Keyboard Shourtcuts
Ctrl Shift B - Build
Ctrl K, Ctrl C - Comment
Ctrt K, Ctrl U - Uncomment
F5 - run
F10 step through when debuggin
Ctrl B, Ctrl T - Bookmark Toggle
Ctrl B, Ctrl N - Goto next bookmark
Ctrl L - Delete Line

Alt F, J - Recent projects open
Ctrl K, Ctrl D - Format a document

Ctrl M, Ctrl M - collapse / expand
Ctrl M, Ctrl O - collapse all

Split screen

Windows Shortcuts
Win L - Lock
Win E - Explorer
Win D - Minimize all window.. press again to restore
Alt D - Goes to explorer bar (try in explorer, and firefox).. tab to autocomplete
Alt F4 - Close down window
Ctrl Shift Esc - Task manager

Google tricks:
 - golf   - don't include golf in search
 "search for entire phrase" - searches for that entire phrase
 advanced settings to search in a date range

  B - black screen
  W - white screen
  type slide number and press enter to go to that slide

  Makes life faster - great programming question and answer site

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