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# Friday, 04 July 2014

Rohans talk

What book?

Dave Kerr.. knows about messaging


Framework for doing a distributed application

Separate machines eg Web -> create user -> Console app picks up message to save... -> raise an event that this has happened

Another ConsoleApp picks up that message and then sends an email


MSMQ, RabbitMQ, Tables(!) in a DB, Azure

  • Error queue
  • Auditing


Why have an Interface over an Attribute for NServiceBus eg ICommand (a marker interface)

Command is somehting want to happen

Event is something after it happens

Resilient... eg if emailler console app went down.

Starbucks Analogy

1person - take order

cup is the message (written on)

1 person - makes


Other Products

NServiceBus and MassTransit started using MSMQ

EasyNetQ is a light .NET wrapper around RabbitMQ (Erlang open source)

RabbitMQ is a much more feature rich queuing system.. than MSMQ... perf slightly better at 8k messages per sec compare to 5k

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