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# Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Alt Enter – get rid of usings, introduce variable

Ctrl R Ctrl R – Rename

Ctrl Alt Space – If have a reference but don’t have a using yet

Naming convention warning:  Alt Enter, Inspection Options, Hint (gets rid of blue squiggly) eg for   Add_TwoNumbers_ReturnsTheSum()

Introduce var.. turn off.

Ctrl R, Ctrl M  - Extract Method   eg MyCalculator c = new MyCalculator();  highlight green bit, then Ctrl R, Ctrl M.  extract as a static method.  Factory.

Resharper Snippets


test tab will then do this.  $xxx$ are dynamic, and $END$ is where cursor will end up.

Ctrl E, Ctrl U – Surround with eg Try Catch

Ctrl E, Ctrl C – Cleanup code.. VS is Ctrl K, Ctrl D


Ctrl R, Ctrl P – Introduce parameter

Ctrl D – Duplicate

Ctrl R O – Move to Folder

Ctrl x – without highlighting will cut a line

Ctrl E Ctrl U – Surround with

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# Saturday, 16 July 2011


Shift Alt C – Add a class

Alt F10, O A  - Oraganise and delete usings


Win Media Player

Ctrl P – play and pause

Ctrl Shift F – Fast Forward

Ctrl Shift B – Fast Back


Windows Live Writer

Alt H Y – Make a heading

Alt F H – Publish

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# Thursday, 18 February 2010

I use vimperator, however sometimes I like to have the normal menus back.  The command I have to type is:  set guioption+=mT

Trick is to download autohotkey:

Run Autoscriptwriter (recorder)

save the file, and assign a hotkey.  In this case Windows Key, s

#s::  - set guioptions

#t:: – tv on

#8:: - 85hz

Then put the files in the startup script directory: C:\Documents and Settings\dave\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

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# Friday, 18 December 2009
Chrome and Google

Ctrl Enter to open link in new tab

Up / Down arrow to select different search items


Shift Del – deletes line and puts into clipboard

Ctrl Space – intellisense

Ctrl – , Ctrl Shift -    Jumps forwards, back to where you are editing.

Ctrl +

Alt R, Alt R – Refactor, Rename (F2 has stopped working for some reason).. or Shift F10, R R

Control , – Goto something

Control . – import namespace

Ctrl + E, D   Format Document

Shift + F10, U   Run tests.. only does 1 if in that test.

Ctrl R Ctrl T – Run Test (in debug).. to get Test Window to open, run the app (say forms app) and open the window.  it remembers!

Ctrl R, T – Run test

Ctrl R A = Run test in current context

Shift Alt C – Add class


Shift Alt Enter – Full Screen

Ctrl + M, O – Collapse all methods

Ctrl + M, P – Expand all methods

Ctrl M, Ctrl M – Collapse / Expand current method

Ctrl + Alt – navigate between methods quickly

Ctrl -     - if you go to a method, this brings you back to where you were

Ctrl space – intellisense

Ctrl . – puts in a using statement (if needed)

Alt V P – View Solution

Alt V V – View Server Explorer (DB)

VS – Web

Alt B H to publish a website

Alt B O to select configuration manager

Ctrl Shift N – hides non visual controls.. clashes with resharper


Alt Enter – do stuff

Alt Insert – Resharper generate

Ctrl Shift R – Refactor (ie to extract a method)

Ctrl + Q – Resharper.. documentation

Alt Up / Down – go to next member / tag

Ctrl Shift N – go to a file

Ctrl Shift Alt N – go to a method anywhere


ctrl M, ctrl C – add a controller

ctrl M, ctrl  V – Add a view


:set guioptions+=mT   - have created an autohotkey script for this

:mkv!  - save settings


j and k – up and down

ctrl d and ctr u – page up and down

shift G and GG – bottom and top

/ – search

N – next… shift N previous

:qa and shift zz and   - exit

d – delete tab

Shift H or alt left arrow - back

O to open a URL with current page selected

t – tabopen

f – follow

F – follow in new window

gt flip between tabs

escape up arrow – shows the history in vimperator!

:qmark g   - adds a quickmark

gog   - goes to the quickmark g  (gmail in my case)


tab tab – on login screen (winxp) this highlights the box

win l – lock

win d – minimize

win e – explorer

explorer type ph quickly to go to the first directory starting with ‘ph’

alt f4 – close

shift alt space n – minimize (with launch installed, otherwise alt space n)

Alt Tab

Alt Esc – cycle through open windows

F4 – Alt D  - display address bar in explorer

Shift F10 – right click

Ctrl Escape – display start menu

Backspace – go up a level in windows explorer

Win M – minimize

Win SHIFT M – restore

Nul Lock + Asterisk – in explorer display all subfolders under this one

Win F – Find (am trying out Windows Search 4.0)


Quicktime Player

L – fast forward

K – fast backwards


F9 – Send and Reeive All

Programming Winform Element Names

txt – Text Box

lbl – Label

lst – Listbox

rb – Radio Button

cbk - Checkbox

cmb – Combobox

dtp – DateTimePicker

mnu – Menu Options (that go in MDI)


rvalue – register value

lvalue – location value

MDI – Multiple Document Interface

RDC – Really Dumb Code

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