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# Saturday, 23 June 2012
( Games )

Python and Pygame

C# and XNA.. and Real3D.NET

C++ and … Graphics/3D engines: unity, Ogre3d


Games Engines ( - is a ‘middleware’ system designed for the creation and development of video games.

eg gamebryo c++.. used in Civilization

Unreal - used in Gears of War.. and v.high end games

Steam – a marketplace for games.

Renderware – loose collection of other middleware libraries eg Havok (physics), Miles Sound System (sound), bink (video)


Graphics engines are usually build on top of graphics APIs eg Direct3D or OpenGL which provide software abstraction to the GPU

Low level libraries eg DirectX often use as they provide hardware independent access to other hardware eg mouse, keyboard, network, sound – C# from a gamers perspective

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