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# Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I won a years subscription through dotnetrocks for:  Developer Express DXperience Subscription

So.. to explore

MVC Stuff

Looking at ClinicalStudy big example

Castle Windsor for IoC

In memory db (so stuff runs without me installing a db– nice!)

Quite a nice UI…although heavy feeling.. not lightning fast.


What? 1.2MB page taking 1.8s to load locally.  Okay, much better on second visits (100k or so).

namespace ClinicalStudy.Site.Tests.Controllers {
    //Currently there is no any method which are not depend on ASP.NET authentication mechanisms
    public class AccountControllerTests {

First test I looked at – not inspiring.. VS2010 demos, MVC3 After a bit more digging I found that their MVC controls are probably (need proof) the WebForm controls wrapped.  That explains a few things.


Not what I’m looking for which is:

  • Lightweight
    • no massive page loads!
    • KISS
    • minimise javascript
  • Great tests
  • Simple
    • not Windsor for IoC
  • Easily passed onto next developer (1000UKP per licence for these looks is an investment)

So DE looks like it is good for:

  • WinForms
  • WebForms
  • WPF
  • RADding of apps
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