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# Tuesday, 12 October 2010

This is a great title for a is a link of stuff I’d like to explore more:

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# Wednesday, 22 September 2010
Tech Blogs and people I want to find out about: and – Kyle Baley, Jeremy Miller, Chad Myers, Jimmy Bogard – JP Boodhoo.  videos to watch too – John MacIntyre doing an example using Uncle Bobs clean code book.  Has a downloadable sample project. – Uncle Bob Martin – Udi Dahan (NServiceBus) – Rob Conery.. here is a blog on Vim – Oren Eini aka Ayende Rahien.  Rhino Mocks, Nhibernate Profiler Martin Fowler / Thoughtworks

Greg Young, Eric Evans, Michael Feathers, Scott Hanselman

Joe Obrien, Jim Weirich, Jon Stahl (LeanDog), Dave Laribee, Aaron Jensen, Andy Hunt, DHH, Jeff Atwood, Scott Bellware, Mike Gunderloy

Bjorn Rochel, Stefan Lieser, Kyle Baley, Scott Cown, Will Green, Chris PhatBoyG Patterson, Brain Donahue – Neal Blomfield, Wellington.  Castle Windsor, DDD, Git, MonoRail, NHibernate – JD Trask, Ivan

Other Blogs

Tim Ferris – Jason… live with less stress and more fun

Tech Videos – bought an MVC video set from here.. was great – paid for videos

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