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# Wednesday, 06 August 2014
( Bitcoin )

Interesting 1.5 years on…

0.02703604 BTC from 30th April 2013 which was worth £2.53, and now £9.31 (6th Aug 2014).. around 584USD

30th April 2013… 8,838GH/sec


6th Aug 2014 … 5,452,191GH/sec

So now have a single 7970

1 nights work.. 0.01USD

Using all the cores on my machine

1 weekends work = 0.00005723BTC = £0.02 .. $586USD = £9.50

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# Tuesday, 30 April 2013
( Bitcoin )

3GB RAM, 2048 Stream Processors

i7 IvyBridge 3.5GHz, 750W power supply, 2*GPU’s very hot (up to 110C) and noisy

1.17 Billion comparisons per second.  No overclocking.

18hours of processing

£2.53 earned

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# Monday, 15 April 2013
( Bitcoin )

After 1 night, my laptop has earned (unconfirmed!)


This the pools performance:


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# Sunday, 14 April 2013
( Bitcoin )

What are Bitcoins?

“A decentralised digital currency”


A bitcoin wallet program (in Qt) in the process of downloading the entire blockchain (a shared public transaction log where all confirmed transactions are included).

This takes a while (over 6GB) and it is quicker to sign up for  wallet somewhere else eg

When I send a coin What happens?

A Transaction is a transfer of value between bitcoin addresses that gets included in the blockchain.  All transactions are broadcast between users and confirmed by the networks through mining.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

A process that helps manage bitcoin transactions as well as create new “wealth” ...."

A distributed consensus system that is used to confirm waiting transactions by including them in the blockchain.

What is the difference between GUIMiner (where I’m mining through slush’s pool) and the Bitcoin wallet program?

ie will the BitCoin wallet program help the whole process too.. does it mine?

BTC Exchange

Notes - good simple article on how to
    good history on mining
    GPU - ATI Radeon HD 5870 turned out to be the most cost effective at the time (50 - 100x increase in mining power)
    FPGA - Field programmable gate array (less power eg 400W GPU to 80W FPGA at 826MH/s)
    ASIC - Application specific integrated circuit.. 60GH/s for 60w

Mine using java on a website   - have generated a tiny bit of BTC buy can’t transfer as there is a 0.01BTC fee
    doing 1.5MH/s on i7 laptop - no graphics card usage

CGMiner - python OpenCL bitcoin miner

i7 laptop - NVidia GeForce GT 550M
    try running rpcminer-cuda -aggression=8 - for pool mining
    Guiminer - python
        doing 17.7 MH/s on via slushes pool (only on GPU and 1 CPU)
work - 2* MSI R7970
    try CGMiner or GUIMiner?

Mining Pools - a bitcoin mining pool (not accepting new) - aka slushs pool
Forums - bitcoin converter


18MH/s are being done on my laptops graphics card

1.5 MH/s were being done by the java app on 8 CPU’s

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