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# Monday, 16 April 2012

As I’ve got an MSDE instance running on .\ which is listening on 1433 so maybe my setup was a bit more complex than usual.


setup TCP/IP on the server for another port. (it had a blank port to begin with)

Open up the firewall on EC2


Connection string in SQL Management Studio:

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# Friday, 13 April 2012

I needed Server2003 to run MSDE:

need an EBS backed route device to launch a micro instance

Ctrl Alt End – for ctrl alt del in remote desktop

On Demand to Reserved instance

Careful to use the same AZ (availability zone) us-west-2a

What is Platform:  Windows (Amazon VPC) or Windows.. Windows doesn’t have Tenancy dedicated.. $0.059 per hour and $69 one off.

What is Tenancy: Dedicated..more expensive… $0.09 per hour and $120 one off.

8 766 hours per year.  So 1 year costs are:

$195 + (8766 * 0.036) = 195 + 315.57 = 510.58 USD = 43USD per month

S3 Backups and Bundling AMIs

Created a bucket to backup files and db backup in.

Also created a bucket to put in an AMI bundle, so that if



right click on the instance and do a Bundle Instance

my instance crashes, then I can get online super quickly.

need to do the bundling.  then took 1 hour (which instance was offline) to do the bundle.  Then needed to go to AMIs and make my own private bundle

Make a new AMI:



auto backup strategies:

MSDE and installing The Cube

setup.exe sapwd=”secret”

should have done below to install mixed mode auth:

      SAPWD="password " INSTANCENAME="myinstance" SECURITYMODE=SQL
post reconfiguring to go for mixed mode.  Change loginmode from 1 to 2.


setting up named pipes and tcp/ip for msde

Can then connect from sql management studio to .\

Populating MSDE and Permissions

**Problem with Amazon instances getting a backup of them?  especially non EBS

database is called: client_cube_v2

tried doing script into Enterprise Manager but outOfMemoryException.

on the desktop: osql –E –i client_cube_v2.sql (remember to take off x86 in the filename at the start of the sql)

osql –E

select @@version;



wwwcubemontage1, montxxxxx

wwwcubemontage2, passxxxxx

system dsn is: cubemontage using wwwcubemontage2

careful to use name as: .\ and not local

made a file called dbtest.asp which is very useful to check the DSN.

ASP Upload and limits

install 32bit version and put in licence key

full control permissions on clientcubedocs – increase asp script timeout.?  Actually put <% Server.ScriptTimeout = 500 %>  into import_native_doc.asp  Couldn’t get other settings to stick.


Indexing service

client_cube_2, and remember to put in the actual directory.

use d:\

Other Configs

put in metabase file for large download sizes (see other post on this blog)

put in restart of MSDE weekly (see other post)

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